What makes our chocolate truffles,
ganache and toffee unique?

The answer is simple: real chocolate from origins such as Belgium and Venezuela, fresh ingredients like whipping cream and chopped fruits, natural flavors like crushed coffee beans, all combined with unique liqueurs and spices. We leave out added sugars, glutens, sodium nitrates, and trans fats. The result is a full rich flavor profile, smoother texture, and an indescribable taste. 

Our fine handmade chocolates, including our dark chocolate truffles, ganache and almond toffees, will take you back in time, as you enjoy the same richness and flavor that inspired the Ancient Mayans to revere chocolate as the nectar of the gods.



Our store holds treasures like you've never tasted.  From toffee to truffles and meltaways to malt balls, stop in for a delectable experience.


We believe the best gifts are those given from the heart.  We carry a carefully curated gathering of gifts that will leave you charmed.


Schedule a tour of our chocolate studio or sign up for our next chocolate class.  Expand your horizons, the view is breathtaking. 254-796-2499